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A Unique, creative design would always be the first step in a successful landscape project. Our objective is to meet customer's needs and desire with an attractive and unique design. So Green Canada will incorporate a professional landscape design with a horticultural knowledge, construction principles and designers that would create an initial sketch and site analysis in a computer generated plan. Such plans would enable our customers to visualize the end results and allow them to see the output of the project, which would help our clients to make decisions faster, more efficient, and remove the if and but, since our Master plan drawings indicates type of material used, quantity and specification of each part of the project.


When it comes to creating your Dream Landscape , you may have no idea where to begin, or you may know exactly what you want. The best way to blend your ideas and get started is by calling a professional landscape designer. A scary thought perhaps to those who have never used a professional design service before, but for a reasonable fee , an hour or two spent with a landscape designer could open exciting possibilities that your property might hold.
The designer from So Green Canada arrives at your home with a portfolio, a sketch pad , and a measuring tape . There the Design process will begin with a stroll around your property to discuss your thoughts, needs and ideas. At this time the designer will sketch out potential ideas so that a conceptual plan begins to emerge.
All consultation regarding Designing will be subject to a consultation fee (please call to discuss it). For construction estimates ONLY, its free of charge.


A great project always start with Design plan. Taking this step will give you opportunity to visualize your project prior to Construction.
Through a refined process and skilled project management we are able to move from design concepts throught to their realization, staying on schedule and steady communication with our clients.
We always provide an efficient flow of information and respond promptly to calls. Below is a quick look at what can be expected at every stage of SoGreen design project

We Offer Quality Full and Affordable Service For You.

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