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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does your company hires subcontractor or you do have the team to do most of the work?
Our company have a full team that does big percentage of the work involved in landscaping. Few professional trades that we do subcontract are irrigation, steel work if involved and some custom wood work.

2- do you have your own equipment and machines or you rent?
Our company carrier most of the heavy machinery like skid steers, excavators’ tracks, and all medium and small size tools.

1- do you charge for design consultation?
Yes, the designer will have to travel back and forth to meet clients all over the GTA we estimate around 1.5 – 2 hours travel time and we spent around 1.5 – 2 hours with our customers to discuss their design preferences, wish list, life style. As well introducing ourself and our portfolio the charges ranges from 150 – 200$

2- how much do you charge for full design (front and back)?
We get asked frequently this question and we tell our customers its hard to answer this question without seeing the project and know what’s involved, the size of your house, element’s involved (like mane features… wood work… etc)
(Read our design process)

3- does your company have an in-house designer / architect?! Or you sub it out!
We have an in-house design that does all our 2D drawing. Sometimes and depending on project complexity and if our customer wants move details like 3D drawing then we sub on 2D drawing to professional company also if there is any city permits and requirements.

4- Does your company provide and deals with city and municipal permits if required?!
Yes, we do, and we bill our customer an hourly rate of 120.00$/hour in most of the matters included in exterior landscape work. All charges like city licensing / permit fees / application fees… etc. Are paid by SoGreen and then invoiced to our customer accordingly after obtaining customer approval prior to proceeding with the process.

1- is your company fully insured? Do you carry commercial general liability insurance (CGL) and worker insurance safety board (WSIB) for your employees?
Yes, our company carries both (CGL) and WSIB insurance. Our commercial general liability covers us. T 2million dollar (each occurrence) and all our employees are fully insured under WSIB.

2- Does your company belongs to any associations?
Yes, we’ve been member with landscape Ontario association (LO) since 2003 and Canadian Nursery Landscape Association CNLA since 2003 as well.
ICPI member and professional contractor with all main manufacture of stones. Like, Unilock , Permacon, Techo-Bloc Named as authorized contractor or pro contractor and listed in their WEB pages and follow their strict code of ethic and installation.

3- does your company provide warranty for the workmanship?
Yes, it’s listed in our warranty list on our web page as well in PDF format that our customer can print

4- What’s your company specialty?
SoGreen is specializing in pool building all types, water features, high end urban projects all types of residential landscape project, fire features.
Driveaway, walkway, porch and steps, natural stone custom work, brick work, retaining walls, grading, excavation, decks, …

5- do you have reference o support your company position?
Yes, we do, they are available upon request, and around your area or close to your area. As well we have tons of positive reviews on Houzz and Homestar

6- What makes so green unique?
SoGreen has over 18 years of experience in the landscape design and construction. As well in the green industry like finding sustainable landscaping solution environmentally friendly cautious and learning adapting new innovation in our industry like green roof and green walls … Ongoing employee training and education. Awareness in dealing with traffic issues, parking issues, close neighbor, and working on a small site.

7- what are hardscape and softscape?
Hardscape are all the hard surfaces like stone patio, drive way fence, deck, …etc. And softscape includes all the planting and sod.

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