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Lighting and Irrigation


Lighting can be a veritable game changer for your property

From installing warm and unobtrusive lights in a patio area to security lights and walkway illumination,To pool lights / path lights and Accent Light. you'll realize the difference from the first day. Providing extra security and opening your outdoor space into the evening hours, the right lighting can be a veritable game changer for your property. To keep energy costs down, we're happy to install LED lights that consume much less and last longer than traditional light bulbs.

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Sprinkler installation Take out

Landscaping design and maintenance may get the most attention, but simple touches like the right lighting and irrigation are what can boost a Toronto and the GTA area outdoor space from being good to extraordinary. So Green has a wealth of lighting and irrigation services to offer.
So Green irrigation services may fly under the radar, but they are one of the key concepts in many impressive Toronto and GTA area yards. Including tasks such as sprinkler installation and drip irrigation, these services ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of water and prevent unsightly spots that can happen on dry or overly wet areas.

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