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Commercial Ground Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance Grounds Maintenance

Commercial landscaping that is beautifully designed and maintained will enhance your business, making your office or plaza / condominium or industrial area location appealing to your customers and an enjoyable work or living place for your residence, employees & tenants. We will tailor a comprehensive management plan for your landscape from season to season. Our team can renovate your property and keep it looking spotless year-round with our commercial landscape maintenance services.
Commercial grounds care services help you simplify your property management and impact your bottom line with:

Meticulous planning ensures we are accurately able to measure time and personal required for all jobs. We consider all seasonal elements to ensure your property looks it's best all year long.

SoGreen has the equipment and expertise in dealing with property management companies *(Condominium and multi residential property), industrial properties, maintenance contractors, realtors and individual commercial properties.

Services we offer:


A Personalized Maintenance Plan Is A Must

At So Green Canada we realize that landscaping is an investment.

Our landscape maintenance division professionally maintain the grounds at residential, commercial and industrial sites.

Our maintenance services include:

Spring is here and So-green Canada Maintenance division is again getting ready for another year of providing our clients with the highest quality site maintenance services. Our maintenance service provides everything from full service property management to bi-weekly or monthly service.

Call to ensure that your garden is weeded and shrubs are pruned. Our maintenance division is staffed with experienced and qualified staff who are quality driven and customer friendly. No job is to big or to small.

At So Green Canada we realize that landscaping is an investment. When properly maintained it enhances the beauty of the entire property and can ultimately increases the property value.

That is why it is important to have a team of certified, knowledgeable professionals who can provide all the services necessary to give the greatest possible return on your investments.

A Personalized Maintenance Plan Is A Must

Sun , Water U.V. light & Time weathers almost everything, but the quantity and quality of care given to anything will make the difference in how a product weathers over time.

To protect your investment, there are a number of tasks that must be completed by you or a professional. So Green Canada Landscape design / Build can provide garden maintenance or support services. If you choose to care for your property on your own, please read the following.



All plants require proper moisture levels and good nutrition to maintain their overall health and vibrancy. If an irrigation system was installed at the beginning of your job you will need to turn it back progressively as the plants and sod adjust to their new surroundings. Plants will die faster from overwatering than they will from too little water.

You may have some plants on your site that require some additional winter care to help boost their survival rate. Upright junipers, rhododendrons, roses, Japanese maples and various tender perennials are examples of plants that do require additional TLC to get them through a tough Canadian winter intact. As your plants begin to grow and expand, pruning them to help maintain their shape and place in the garden will become a necessity. Thanks to the runaway popularity of gardening, there are many wonderful books and informative websites ready to dispense wisdom and knowledge. To help with your research, we’ve listed some of our favourites for you. By consulting both the books and the Internet, you’ll discover a multitude of useful information that will help you to achieve the results you desire. If you are looking to hire someone else to perform the maintenance your property requires, please be sure to take the time to choose carefully. This is So important. Think of your plants as you would on your own hair. Recovering from a terrible haircut can take a really long time.

Why go through that pain? By doing your homework, you’ll be well on your way to properly caring for your Property.

Maintenance Considerations


Walkways and Patios?

Most of the walkways and patios that we construct contain a significant amount of concrete. Please note that the mortar and base used to construct a natural stone patio, interlocking stone, or patterned concrete cannot tolerate the use of salt and urea based products. Eventually, these products will pit and compromise the integrity of your walkway or patio (Its also mentioned in our terms and conditions). What do we advise? We’ve found that the best way to manage winter, while protecting your walkway or patio, is to remove any overlying snow covering with a plastic shovel and bristle broom. Scattering sand can provide necessary grip. There could be times that calcium and urea products are your only choice to maintain a safe path for pedestrian traffic. For those times, we recommend placing the product on the targeted surface only long enough to remove any ice build up. Then it’s best to remove the product as soon as its intended job is complete. For more detailed information, please take a moment to consult the reference list provided below.


Water Features?

All water features, whether independent or associated with a pool, require a full winter shutdown. When preparing for winter, tasks such as removing any pumps, installing floaters to protect the basin from ice pressure and blowing out the lines must top your “to do” list. Fish in your pond? Then a full routine maintenance designed to protect them during the winter will also need to be completed. So Green Canada staff members are available to either assist you or complete the process in its entirety.


Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting can be accomplished by using either line voltage or low voltage wiring and fixtures. For anything other than timer adjustments or bulbs replacements, we recommend consulting the expertise of a lighting professional to service your lighting system. Of course, we’re happy to assist you with this task. NB: please do NOT tamper with controllers and panels unless you read and follow manufacture trouble shooting or operating and set up manual (it will cost you more if you do).So Green is happy to provide you with these manuals at your request.


All Of The Other Products?

For all other products we recommend either close scrutiny of the manufacturer’s specifications or a continued relationship with installers of your major systems. Examples of these systems would be pools, irrigation systems and outdoor heating units.

We Offer Quality Full and Affordable Service For You.

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